When to weight yourself?

When to weigh yourself? I always tell my clients to follow their Bariatric Multidisciplinary team’s recommendations. I’m here to share with you what my Bariatric surgeon has recommended to me regarding weighing myself. He recommended that I weigh myself once a week; he told me that weigh myself every single day was not necessary. Again, that was my Bariatric surgeon recommendation, and you might have a different one. So, make sure that you always follow your Bariatric surgeons’ recommendations.

My Bariatric surgeon recommended that I weigh myself early morning, same day of the week, for consistency. This works for me, and it might not work for you.

Comparison: Please, don’t ever compare yourself to others, No matter what, your metabolism is completely different than others. Do not compare yourself with someone that you know who also had Bariatric surgery the same month as yours, because their journey is different than your journey. Make sure that you don’t let that affect you.

Traveling? I love traveling the world and I do go a long time sometimes and guess what I do? Well I have my portable scale that I take with me for my trips and that’s something that works great for me. I love doing that because it is a way of keeping myself accountable. My home scale is connected to an app via Bluetooth and it even gives my BMI. Don’t be afraid of the scale!