When and where am I improving my physical condition?

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When and where am I improving my physical condition?

Here are Bari Better’s Disclaimers: https://baribetter.com/disclaimer/ Always consult with your Doctor before performing any type of exercise to make sure you have no restrictions or limitations. When and where do you do your exercises? I am here in this wonderful gym and I have this great opportunity to do a lot of different exercises, I have many options, I enjoy bicycling, exercising in the elliptical machine, and I also get a lot of my cardio done on the treadmill. I do arm exercises and different activities with the punching bag (one of my favorites).

The best type of exercise for my Bariatric routine is a mix of strength exercise and endurance exercise.

I also enjoy outdoors exercises.

Home exercise: I take online yoga classes, I have a yoga mat at home and I am able to do a lot of yoga and exercises with it. I also bought a weight for home exercises.

The day has 24-hours, when are you choosing to exercise? You have many choices with morning, afternoon or evening exercises. What is your preference? Find something that you like and the time of the day that works best for you.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! If you have a busy schedule or your schedule is not the same every week, you can always switch and you can also split your exercises.

There is no need to hide your Bariatric Journey anymore!

Don’t wait for 2021! Start improving your life right now!