Interview with Dr. Botezelli – What is the importance of Physical Exercise before Bariatric Surgery?

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Amanda Interviews Dr. Botezelli

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Bariatrics and Exercises – What is the importance of Physical Exercise before Bariatric Surgery?

Amanda: Hello Everyone, Amanda here (CEO and Co-founder of Bari Better, Inc., where we provide online Bariatric Coaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese), and today, I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing one of our Board Advisors, Dr. Jose Diego Botezelli (he is originally from Brazil, he is now living in Canada, he has a PhD in Physiology and Metabolism, we have been meeting on a weekly basis and today’s interview topic is on Bariatric and Exercise. I also like to tell you that Dr. Botezelli prescribes online exercise and nutrition plans and today I have the pleasure to have four segments with him in this interview, and before we get started I would like to talk about Bari Better, where we do not provide any Medical advice and we only provide general Wellness and lifestyle Coaching, we should not be constructive of medical advice and should not replace your consultation or any advice from a Medical professional, so you should not rely on Bari Better or any information provided by Bari Better, Inc. for any Medical decisions and also all the interviews that we perform at Bari Better are for information only and Bari Better, Inc. is not responsible for the information provided by the person being interviewed. So, with that being said, welcome Dr. Botezelli, it is a pleasure to have you with us today.

Dr. Botezelli: Thank you so much Amanda!

Amanda: I would like to have you introduce yourself and give a little bit more information about your background.

Dr. Botezelli: I’m Dr. Botezelli, I have a Bachelor in Kinesiology and a Master and PhD in Physiology and Metabolism. I have a Post Doctorate in Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism from the University of Campinas in Brazil, and another Post Doctorate in UBC (Canada), where I was studying self Physiology. Now, I have my own company, I help people around the world lose weight. I have clients in Dubai, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, England, Italy, Spain, etc. My main strategy is trying to bring new strategies and new habits for people to lose weight in a healthy, reliable and sustainable way.

Amanda: That’s a great point: healthy, reliable and sustainable way! With all your background and experience, what is the importance of exercising as your routine during your pre-op phase, before you even have a Bariatric surgery?

Dr. Botezelli: So, if you are going for a Bariatric surgery, it means you are overweight or obese and the problem with overweight or obese, you have insulin resistance, you have some problems and you have usually bad habits. And when I say bad habits, it is not like judging or something like, but it is not correct habits. So, we need to produce, build new strategies and we also need to improve your overall health. This will help, make your surgery more successful, less complications in the surgery, also doing exercise, specially physical exercise that make you to produce muscle mass, like strength exercise, functional (you can just use your body, you don’t need fancy equipments, you don’t need to run 10 kilometers per day, just use your body, our body is a pretty massive weight, so we can use our body to do working balance, work coordination, rhythm, work everything), and this will help our muscle mass to get more healthy. When you go for Bariatric surgery, one of the things that happen is that you can lose a lot of weight, but usually this weight is fat and muscle. Starting a workout, exercise routine before the surgery, will allow you to recover the muscle mass faster and also prevent this muscle breakdown that is a huge problem after Bariatric surgery. As we know, around 80% of people who have the Bariatric surgery, they become obese again, they do not reach the same weight, but they become obese again. So, if you are 300 pounds, you do a Bariatric surgery, you can lose about 100-150 pounds, but after four or five years, because you do not change the causes of the obesity, one usually becomes obese again and we want to prevent this with exercise. So, exercise is a really good matter to lose weight, of course, to burn calories, to control our hormones and also to improve the results of Bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery itself is a really good strategy to make you lose weight, it is a good push, a kick-start way, but it is not the only way! So, we need to remember that is one strategy, but we need a life change. Starting physical exercise is super important, we are producing/creating new habits, we are training our body for what is coming after Bariatric surgery. With exercise, we are increasing our basal metabolism, increasing our muscle mass and changing our routine and changing our lives.

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