Storytelling Day One

Amanda and Cele Coaches 

Storytelling Day One.

Cele: Hi I’m Cele and I’m here today with my wife (Amanda), to start telling you our story about Bari Better (Bariatric Coaching), how it started. Just with a simple idea to help people who had or is gonna have a Bariatric surgery and my wife is here (Amanda) to tell you how this company started:

Amanda: Hello Everyone! Our company, Bari Better, as Cele said, started with a simple idea and I’m here to start telling you the storytelling of our company Day One. Stick around with us!

Amanda: So…once upon a time, there was this little girl and this little girl it’s me. I will tell you my story. I remember since I was very very little that I had obesity in my family and it has always been part of my life. One thing that was really important when I was raised was society and people around me. I grew up with a lot of bullying. I grew up feeling really bad and not happy with myself and one of the big things was BIG and that was a reality for me and a word that I heard every single day in my life. Big was actually my dad’s nickname. Our family last name is Dario and my dad’s name (he was known for) Big Dario. We actually had a store, and our store was named Big Dario. Big was part of a family name and I remember a lot of the times during my childhood and even when I was in my youth years that people would ask me oh are you Big’s daughter? I was not really known much as Amanda as my name. I knew myself as Big’s daughter and interestingly enough, at one point in my life, some people would ask me…you are not Big’s daughter, are you? Because at that time, I was not that “big” and, I’ll tell you why in another storytelling. Big has always been a word that followed me since I was a little girl.