Storytelling Bari Better Day Two: The Pool Story

Bari Better Storytelling Pool day 

Storytelling Bari Better Day Two: The Pool Story

Hello Everyone! And welcome to Day Two of Bari Better’s Storytelling!

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And you might be asking yourself why is there a swimming pool behind Amanda?

If you’re listening to my Podcast, so you know, I am very close to a swimming pool and there’s a reason behind it: So, when I was younger, my parents were members of this really nice Club and people from all over the city would come. A lot of people from my school were members. I remember this very important day in my life (which actually brings me a lot of emotions), but it was the day that I got my first bikini and I went to the Club with a friend and I recall that she had a really nice body. If you listened to my Storytelling Day One, you would know about the name Big and how I come from a family with obesity, and I’ve never had this great body…so, we were getting some sun (my friend and I), and I recall these guys (they were from my school) walking by and all of a sudden they made this comment: “Wow, look at Amanda’s belly, it’s so big, it doesn’t look as nice as the other girls!”.

Well, that comment was really really hard and really affected me for many many years in my life, but you know what? It no longer affects me! Do I feel sorry for the comments, for the person? Not really! The point is that it doesn’t affect me anymore and I’m here to share that with you because if you’re going to the same situation or if you have already gone through the same thing, don’t let other people’s comments affect you! Don’t let comparison affect you! You are beautiful inside and out, it doesn’t matter how your body looks! I have accepted myself!

And for those of us in the Bariatric journey, I understand exactly how it feels and seeing a pool, for a lot of us, it’s not a fun place to be and I know a lot of us are scared and afraid of it, but don’t be! It’s OK! Accept your body! Accept yourself and it’s all good!

Share any comments here below with me. I would love to hear from you! I hope you’re having a wonderful Bariatric journey and I look forward to seeing you on the next Storytelling video. Enjoy your Bariatric life!