Storytelling Bari Better Day Three: Bullying Consequences

Storytelling Bariatric 3

Storytelling Bari Better Day Three: Bullying Consequences

Hello! Are you ready for the Storytelling Day 3? All right, let’s do it! Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m here to tell you a little bit of my Storytelling and first of all grateful, gratitude for all of your comments, for all of you who have already watched my Storytelling Day 1 and 2. If you have not, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel at Bari Better, and you be able to see why I told you in the Storytelling Day One and Day Two, and this is a continuation…so let’s get started! All my videos are available on Instagram IGTV, as well as on Facebook and on YouTube, so when you subscribe to our YouTube channel, make sure to hit that bell so you can get all the notifications from the latest videos that I record for you!

As some of you may relate, bullying regarding my weight was not something that happened just at one occasion in one day in my life. I suffered from bullying ever since I was a little girl, through my teenage years and many many years after that too. I shared with you the swimming pool bullying story and also another thing that really stuck with me many many years were school trips, many school trips that we had and obviously, I was always the “Chubby Amanda”, the “Overweight Amanda” the “Ha ha ha Amanda” and they always laughed at me, and that was pretty harsh too!

Remember when I shared with you on the Storytelling Day 1 that at one point in my life I was not that “ Big”, that there was a reason behind it and I told you I was gonna share it with you during another Storytelling? So, here it is! Are you ready for it?

Well, all that bullying, sadness, depression, suffering, feeling that I wasn’t really belonging to my own world, let me to make a choice and I actually started taking weight loss medications at a very young age and let me tell you…some of the side effects are still following me up until today. I didn’t know better back then, so I thought… well this would be “the easiest or an easy way for me to resolve my problems” just like “a great resolution to the issues I was facing at that time in my life”. I knew people around me who took the medications as well that suffered from obesity or overweight, and then decided…well, they are trying, why not? let me give it a try too!

Pretty interesting what we do to our own body, isn’t it? I didn’t really have the mindset back then, so it didn’t really matter to me the side effects that I was having it: dizziness, tiredness, just feeling so overwhelmed! But, it only mattered to me that I took the medication and that I could release the weight and feel “accepted into the society”.

And then, when my medication finished, here it is: the yo-yo effect again! I would gain all the weight back. Not only what I have already released, but most of the times even more so! Then, I tried so many different weight loss medications, it wasn’t just one, two, there were many of them, and for me, it was always the same vicious cycle: I would take the medication, release some of the weight, get all the side effects (and many different side effects from each one of them), then I would release some weight, then I would stop taking it (or if I had to change it), I would regain all the weight back again, and as I said, most of the times even more so than the weight I had before I started taking the medications. Well, I thought the medication was it, that it was the answer to my question and it would end my problems, and that I could just take the medications and eat whatever I wanted and still eating the unhealthy foods that I’ve always eaten in the past and I thought: “this is the magic, it’s the miracle”!

I have talked to so many people who have been exactly in the same situation as mine, and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! My story will continue in the next Storytelling video. Take good care of yourself!