Storytelling Bari Better Day 4: Diet is not a Lifestyle

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Storytelling Bari Better Day 4: Diet is not a Lifestyle

DIET! This word is no longer part of my vocabulary. Hi everyone, Amanda here, welcome back! Today is my Storytelling Day 4. Thank you so much for following me. If you watched my previous storytellings, on Day 1, I shared with you about the name Big in my family since I was a little girl. On Storytelling Day 2, I talked to you about my bullying story in a swimming pool and then on my Storytelling Day 3, I talked to you about some of the bullying stories that actually led me to take weight loss medications, which never worked for me. And today, I am specifically here to talk about this word “diet”. All of my Storytelling videos are available on my YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe to Bari Better and you’ll be able to find a lot of different videos there for your information as well. I’m also posting them on Instagram IGTV and you will be able to find my videos on Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, ring the bell, so you can get all the notifications when my new videos are up and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

So, a lot of us cannot even hear the word “diet” anymore. if you would ask me: “Amanda, what diets have you tried, or what diet have I tried?” my answer to you would actually be: “what diet have I not tried?” because let me tell you, I’ve tried all of them and they simply do not work for me. I understand and I also know and I hear from a lot of people that a lot of you can actually relate to what I’m saying. The reason why diets don’t work for me is because I was never in the right mindset to start any plan that I got myself into. Make sure to stick around until the end of this video, because guess what? words do matter. Are you ready for this? Self-discipline and following the right system! Did you hear that? Let me repeat it: Self-discipline and following the right system! Those are key to your success! Some of you might be asking yourselves: “uh but, what do you really mean by that, Amanda?” what I mean is every time or most of the times when you start a “diet” plan, a gym membership, anything that has to do with your health and wellness and getting things going for yourself and changing your life and changing your routine, then most of the times our mind goes back to “I will start it tomorrow, or better yet, I will start it on Monday, or well, today is the 10th or the 15th, let me just wait until the first of the month so then I can really start fresh”…and guess what? That day never comes! That is exactly what I mean by self-discipline and by having the right system! Therefore, all this “dieting plans” that I’ve started in the past, everything that I started one day or the Mondays, or the first of the month (you get me), I didn’t really have a plan to follow through, so I started one day, and then I would eat something that was not part of my plan and I would think to myself: “Ok, well I did this today, so maybe I did it wrong for breakfast and I might as well just eat something wrong anyways for lunch because I already did something earlier anyway, so that’s not gonna hurt me”. And then, I would say that I would start tomorrow again, and that tomorrow never comes. And next thing you are seeing is that you’re giving all these excuses to yourself, and when you do that you’re actually not lying to anybody else, but you! I was in this vicious cycle that was so unhealthy, that all I did was find myself trying every single diet that was out there in the market, you name it.

Didn’t I tell you that the word “diet” is no longer part of my vocabulary? You know what is it now instead? Lifestyle and mindset!

Lifestyle! I live a completely different lifestyle, super healthy right now! I broke that vicious cycle and if you want, you can break it too! Nobody else will do that for you, but yourself!

I am now the best version of myself and I’ll tell you more about it in my future storytelling! So, stick around and remember: you can break the cycle! Start today!:)