Storytelling Bari Better Day 5: Celebrating Everything With Food?

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Storytelling Bari Better Day 5: Celebrating Everything with food?

Celebrating 🎊 everything with food? Does that ring a bell🔔 ? Does it sound familiar to you? Well, stick around with me until the end of the video where I am sharing with you today my Storytelling Day 5! Welcome to my channel!

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So, I grew up with a family where everything was celebrated 🎊with food, and when I say everything, I really mean it! I don’t mean only special occasions, holidays and birthdays🎉, I mean everything!

And celebration has that connotation of happiness😄, right? What I also want to say is that not only when everything was happy we celebrated with food, but also, when there was something sad, food was always present as well.

Like some of you (who had already shared the same situation with me), or who really understand what I’m talking about, have this conception, it’s kind of an auto pilot, right? We think food and feelings!

This association is constantly present in our brains 🧠, and make us feel that we cannot change it because that’s the way we have lived our whole lives, so why change it now? Keep it the same way!

In my family’s case, when I mean that we celebrated everything with food, let’s say for example that we had just purchased or decided to go on a really nice family vacation✈️🏖💼! Well, if it was a surprise🎁, then obviously when we were giving that surprise out, we always had food around to celebrate the surprise of the vacation with the food!

And see, the same pattern kept repeating it. For example, if there was a great grade at school or if there was a job promotion, everything had to be celebrated 🎊with food around us.

And remember when I talk to you about family vacations✈️🏖💼? Uh, yes, that’s right! Family vacation… how about ALL INCLUSIVE vacation? Oh yeah! That was definitely part of my family’s patterns as well. Everytime we traveled, we would look for a place specifically where they would have ALL INCLUSIVE, therefore we didn’t have to worry about food, and we knew that food was present no matter where we were, (whether we were inside of the pool 🏊‍♂️ even), they would offer us food on these very big resorts and all inclusive vacation places. When you were in your room? 24/7 room services! It didn’t matter, we needed to make sure that we had food all the time, 24/7, if we ever needed, next to us!

I am now aware. I have a different mindset 🧠 and I’m conscious of the decisions that we had in the past (and the risks that we actually took on our own health), by the food choices and the eating behaviors we had as a family.

On my previous Storytelling Day 4, I talked about breaking the cycle, and I’m here to remind you that YOU CAN BE THE ONE, you can be that person who breaks the cycle! 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏼

There is a way out: GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!

See, you when we talk about celebration 🎊, food, smelling, nostalgia, we think about when we were little, of our grandparents’ food, or our family vacations, or our family gatherings…

Therefore, we feel we have to keep repeating those patterns forever in our lives, and I’m here to tell you that that is not real🚫! This does not have to be your reality, and it’s up to you to change that!

Food does not🚫have to be your determined factor to belong! Did you hear that? Food does not🚫have to be your determined factor to belong. Therefore, if someone around you (whether it is your family, friends, loved one), is eating something that is not healthy for you, it does not have to be your food choice if that doesn’t belong to you! Therefore, you can belong, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, if you do this favor to yourself and choose a healthy food.

I have changed! I no longer celebrate 🎊 things with food!

I no longer associate food with rewarding! This is not part of my life!

I changed my relationship with food and my rewarding now, is waking up every day 🌄 knowing that today I have a healthier choice, a healthier lifestyle than ever before! And I’m here to share with you my future Storytellings and how I do that, and I know we can all do it! 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏼

What you lived In the past, does not🚫 have to be your present, doWhat you lived In the past, does notes not 🚫have to be your future! Be healthy and make wiser choices!

Thanks for watching it, give it a like 👍🏾👍🏿👍, comment below, let me know how is your relationship with food. Are you celebrating 🎊 occasions with food? And every time you think of this question, think of me, think of this Storytelling, and remind yourself that YOU CAN ALSO break this pattern of celebrating 🎊everything with food like I did!