Avoid Suffering

Preparing at Bariatric means success. It implies commitment, readiness to change, self awareness, goals settings, and calls to action, so you can live a Bariatric lifestyle in an effective way 

Are You Mindfull of Bariatric Surgery?

  • Do you need help reaching your wellness and lifestyle goals?
  • Do you know that Bari Better is here to help people like you to manage your process before you even have Bariatric surgery?
  • Are you ready to receive key information for your Bariatric journey?
  • Are you aware of the lifestyle changes you’ll need to sustain after the surgery?
  • Are you conscious of your food and fluid intake before and after the surgery?

When You Know Better You

Prepare ahead of time to set and reach achievable goals

Amanda Mônaco Dário Reyna

How It Works


Schedule now your 30 Minutes ‘One-to-One’ Online Bariatric Coaching session with Amanda (Bariatric Coach)


During your Baritric Coaching sessions, you’ll be guided to acquire easy, practical and powerful knowledge on how to succed in your Bariatric Journey


In this online Bariatric Coaching, you’ll be provided with wellness support, will learn how to manage hunger, emotions, keep long-term food and exercise habits, enjoy yourself and the Bariatric life that you so deserve!

You’ll ❤️ it!

Schedule your One-to-One’ 30 Minutes Online Bariatric Coaching session with Amanda (Bariatric Coach). Explore Bari Better’s offerings in the session, discuss your Bariatric challenges, doubts and goals, as well as pricing. Our mission is to help you. You’ll come out of the session with guidance and very useful knowledge on how to manage yourself, set goals and take them into actions for you successfull Bariatric Journey!