Preparing at Bariatric means success. Success implies no complications, no unnecessary pain, and a fast recovery. 

Are You Prepared For Bariatric Surgery?

  • Do you need help reaching your wellness and lifestyle goals?
  • Do you know that Bari Better is here to help people like you to manage your process before you even have Bariatric surgery?
  • Are you ready to receive key information for your Bariatric journey?
  • Are you aware of the lifestyle changes you’ll need to sustain after the surgery?
  • Do you have a meal plan set before and after the surgery?

When You Know Better You

Increase the likelihood of avoiding severe complications

Besides coaching, Bari Better, Inc. consults with Bariatric specialists that include Physicians/Surgeons, PhD in Endocrinology & Metabolism, Nutritionists, Psychologists and even Personal Stylist that can help you more comprehensively improve your preparation.

How It Works


Schedule your free coaching session now, and start a pre-operative Bariatric plan with Amanda


In a few weeks of coaching you’ll learn unfathomably easy, practical and powerful tips that will make your procedure effortless and safe


After a few weeks of coaching, you’ll be able to better manage hunger, mood, and enjoy yourself

You’ll ❤️ it!

Schedule your free coaching session with Amanda. Explore Bari Better’s offerings in the session, discuss your Bariatric challenges, doubts and goals, as well as pricing. Our mission is to help you. You’ll come out of the session with very useful tips and guidance.