Amanda interviews Dr. Ricardo Lopez Topic: Segment 1 What is Bariatric Coaching?

Interview Dr Ricardo Lopez What is Bariatric Coaching 

Amanda interviews Dr. Ricardo Lopez.

Topic: Segment 1 Bariatric Coaching – What is Bariatric Coaching?

Amanda: Hello Everyone, Amanda here, Co-Founder and CEO of Bari Better, Inc. where we provide online Bariatric Coaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese and today I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ricardo Lopez, a Bariatric Surgeon from Guatemala.

My husband and I met Dr. Lopez in Dubai in a Conference titled International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), we have been in touch ever since and now he’s one of our Board Advisor.

Question to Dr. Lopez: As a Bariatric surgeon, what would you say if someone asks you what is coaching?

Dr. Ricardo Lopez: Coaching is a word that is often thought as sports-related, because coaching comes from somebody that teaches in order to take a team or an athlete to reach positive results. So, coaching is the term that has been used in order for somebody to help and guide a team or a person to succeed. There’s a lot of aspects in a lot of topics when we have needed somebody to teach us what is the way, what is the best way to do it and what would you do if we fail or what we do if we need to get to this point of our lives to get to succeed at something in life, and that applies to Bariatric clients.

Amanda: As a Bariatric surgeon, how do you see the importance of the online Bariatric Coaching? At Bari Better, Inc. we do not provide any medical advice, we help our clients achieve their goals, and to get from point A to point B.

Dr. Ricardo Lopez: Bariatric surgery is a long-lasting journey. People will always have questions, before, during the process and after surgery, even 5, 10 years after surgery. It is great to have a Bariatric Coach by your side during your process to help guide you to every step: before surgery, during recovery and after surgery. What a better way to do the Coaching with someone who has already been through the process themselves. Online Bariatric Coaching is the way to go as you will have questions many times and can get this support from any place, anywhere, anytime.