How is your Bariatric Routine?

How is your Bariatric Routine? As a Bariatric Coach and Bariatric patient myself, I think it’s very important to remind ourselves that we are not going to be Bariatric patients only a couple weeks prior to our surgery (while we are in the pre-op phase of it), we are not going to be Bariatric patients just the day of our surgery; we are going to be Bariatric patients forever and we have to change our mindset!

Before I went to my Bariatric surgery, I received this great advice: “Amanda, when your surgery is done, remember, they are not doing surgery on your head/brain, they are operating on your stomach”. So it’s really about not following back into the old wrong eating habits. It is all about changing how you’re going to eat, what you’re going to eat and what you’re doing for your own self. And guess what? Nobody else can do that for you, but you! I know we can get great support around with people helping us, but if we do not set our mind to do so, it won’t be done.

It’s time to change and I’m here sharing with you a little bit of my experience: remember, my experience might be completely different than yours as everyone has a different metabolism, my routine might work for you and it might not work for you.

Something that is important for me is accountability! I need to know exactly what I’m eating and what time of the day. I enter all information in an app (exercises, water log, food intake, so I know exactly how much protein, how much calorie, everything that’s going in my body), and I also have alarm reminders on my cellular. Some of my clients like to do in an app as well, others prefer to write a journal; whatever works best for you!

Super Key point here: Most of the time, a lot of us think we are hungry, when we’re actually thirsty; therefore, have you water next to you to remind yourself to drink it.