How are you planning your Bariatric journey during this Holiday Season?

Holiday Season Bariatric 

Dear friends Happy Holidays!

My husband and I are here to wish you a healthy Happy Holiday season from Bari Better!

Holiday season can be a challenged and stressful time of the year for those of us on our Bariatric journey!

As a person who had Bariatric surgery and as a Bariatric coach, I have learned how to not overeat and make healthier choices during holidays. Holiday is a time of celebration and food is not the reason to celebrate. I discovered that I was wrongly living with the misunderstanding that I needed to celebrate everything with food. Now, I use mindfulness eating and for that reason, I eat consciously every day and also during holiday. Now, I treat my body with healthier choices.

I had Bariatric surgery to be healthier and live a happier and better life! I know what is bad for me and I know what is Bari Better for me!

Right now, we have fears and worries about the future, but, take a moment, look on your sides and enjoy the happiness of the present moment.

To all of you, Happy Holidays and best wishes!