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19 Mar: Interview with Dr. Lopez – What are the short and long term benefits of online Bariatric Coaching?

This is our third segment of the interview on Bariatric Coaching with Bariatric surgeon Dr. Ricardo Lopez from Obesity Center in Guatemala. Welcome everyone and thank you so much Dr. Lopez for being here with us. We have been talking about Bariatric Coaching and as you know I am a Bariatric patient and I always tell my clients that Bariatric is a forever journey

Bari Better Storytelling Pool day

05 Feb: Storytelling Bari Better Day Two: The Pool Story

Hello Everyone! And welcome to Day Two of Bari Better’s Storytelling! Make sure to follow us on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. You can always ring the bell to make sure that you get all the latest videos that we record as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And you might be asking yourself why is there a swimming pool behind Amanda?

Amanda and Cele Coaches

01 Jan: Storytelling Day One

Cele: Hi I’m Cele and I’m here today with my wife (Amanda), to start telling you our story about Bari Better (Bariatric Coaching), how it started. Just with a simple idea to help people who had or is gonna have a Bariatric surgery and my wife is here (Amanda) to tell you how this company started: