Today’s interview with Dr. Botezelli on Bariatrics and Exercises. What are the most recommended exercise from your practice that you recommended to Bariatric patients either before they have the surgery or after they had the Bariatric surgery?

Today we are talking about Bariatrics and exercise. Thank you so much for being with us in our second segment of today’s interview and I would like to talk to you and ask what is actually the importance of physical exercise now after clients have already gone through the Bariatric surgery, no matter what kind of Bariatric surgery you had done.

Today I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing one of our Board Advisors, Dr. Jose Diego Botezelli (he is originally from Brazil, he is now living in Canada, he has a PhD in Physiology and Metabolism, we have been meeting on a weekly basis and today’s interview topic is on Bariatric and Exercise. I also like to tell you that Dr. Botezelli prescribes online exercise and nutrition plans and today I have the pleasure to have four segments with him in this interview, and before we get started I would like to talk about Bari Better

Celebrating 🎊 everything with food? Does that ring a bell🔔 ? Does it sound familiar to you? Well, stick around with me until the end of the video where I am sharing with you today my Storytelling Day 5! Welcome to my channel!

Welcome everyone to our fourth and last segment of today’s interview on the topic of Bariatric Coaching. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ricardo Lopez, he’s a Bariatric surgeon from Guatemala and he owns the Obesity Center. Thank you so much Dr. for being here with us today, I appreciate your time.

DIET! This word is no longer part of my vocabulary. Hi everyone, Amanda here, welcome back! Today is my Storytelling Day 4. Thank you so much for following me.