Welcome to our second segment of this interview on Bariatric Coaching and today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ricardo Lopez (Bariatric Surgeon from Guatemala) and the topic today is on Bariatric Coaching, For what type of Bariatric surgery is online Bariatric Coaching a good fit?

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I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ricardo Lopez, a Bariatric Surgeon from Guatemala. My husband and I met Dr. Lopez in Dubai in a Conference titled International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity And Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), we have been in touch ever since and now he’s one of our Board Advisor.

Cele: Hi I’m Cele and I’m here today with my wife (Amanda), to start telling you our story about Bari Better (Bariatric Coaching), how it started. Just with a simple idea to help people who had or is gonna have a Bariatric surgery and my wife is here (Amanda) to tell you how this company started:

Hello friends and clients of Bari Better! We are here to remind you of hope, love and peace! Hope is important. When we have had or will have the Bariatric surgery, we hope to be able to become a healthier person, which will take us to a wonderful, peaceful and better life.

Dear friends Happy Holidays. My husband and I are here to wish you a healthy Happy Holiday season from Bari Better! Holiday season can be a challenged and stressful time of the year for those of us on our Bariatric journey!