Are you practicing Self Care?

Bari Better - Self Care


Self care! Are you taking care of yourself, are you taking care of your body, your mind, and your soul?

Often, we think we are really enjoying the moment every single day, but a lot of times, we are actually not! So, today, I invite you to think about that a little bit and take good care of yourself! Yes, we do have to watch what we eat, what we do, what kind of exercises we perform, how we move and know healthy eating habits & food choices every single day. But, what else is going on in our lives? Is it stress? Well, but you really don’t stop and think about it.

We just press the on button and we totally forget that there is an off button or a pause button. So, I invite you to think about your own body and how you’re taking care of yourself. Are you perhaps reading that book that you’ve been wanting to read for a long time and just didn’t find the time yet? Here, there’s always a time! That hour a day that you could be going on your phone and checking for messages or emails you can definitely do something for yourself, whether is exercise, food planning for the next day, meditation (however meditation is for you in life), thinking about your next job or what’s coming in your career path or a move to a different place that you’re going to. So many things that can happen at the same time, but it’s really about how you look at things and how you see things.

I’m saying all of this because mindset is very important in your Bariatric journey. Bariatric surgery is not a miracle, it is a tool. I decided to have Bariatric surgery to be healthier. I now enjoy life in a different way and really pay attention to the things around me.

Your Bariatric journey can be very enjoyable and nobody else can do that for you but you!