Are you celebrating your Bariatric Surgeryversary?

Are you celebrating your Bariatric surgeryversary? Well, I am! I had the Bariatric Gastric Bypass surgery in 2016 with great success and I am now celebrating my 4 years surgeryversary!

I actually chose to have my Bariatric surgery around my birthday, because for me, Bariatric surgery means born again; it is a re-birth, it is really having that authentic time of your life of thinking what’s coming up for you next; it is a new cycle. I am a new me!

How are you enjoying your Bariatric surgeryversary?

Do not think about the past nor the future; be present in the moment! Think about the things that you have done that are very positive; don’t think about the negative and about the scale only, the weight release will come. Release it to the Universe, it no longer belongs to you. Bariatric lifestyle is to be lived on a daily basis.

What are you doing to take care of your mind, to take care of your body and to fully take care of yourself while celebrating all your accomplishments during your Bariatric surgeryversary? Enjoy every single moment of your special day!! Celebrate your success every year, whether it is 1, 5, 10, 20 years. I hope you are enjoying your Bariatric journey like I am;