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My story begins years ago, as an obese child with a burning desire to eat in excess. While most overweight children seem to be able to lose weight around adolescence, this wasn’t my case. I suffered bullying regarding my weight. I yearned to feel “normal”, but I felt like I was genetically “designed” to be anything but. This feeling of resignment led to complacency, a sentiment I kept for years as I tried to enjoy my life as best as I could.  

I wanted to leave my mark on this planet by helping others feel better, so I became a nurse in 2006. I then got married to a wonderful man called Celedonio (Cele, for short).  

My Mom, Dad and brother have been obese ever since I was a kid. After many health complications, I lost my dad due to obesity. He had a series of heart attacks, and died at the age of 62. That’s when my mom and I decided to have the Bariatric surgery as well (since we got inspired by my brother, who had his Bariatric surgery many years ago), but it wasn’t the magical solution I had expected.

Upon having the surgery I found myself constantly hungry, confused, and felt like nobody understood the challenges I was facing. I became isolated as feelings of weakness and depression stalked me on a daily basis. The surgery had drastically changed my life. Yes, I was thinner but even unhappier than I was before. 

So I sought help.

I joined a Bariatric support group and realized to my surprise that my suffering was one of the lesser ones in the group! I found myself in absolute awe of how we were all lost and clueless as to how to get our lives together. As a 4.0 GPA Graduate Nurse working at Stanford University Hospital, I felt I did not know what to do.

I felt less isolated with the support group, yet still lost as to how I could feel energized, satisfied, and well, “normal”. 

So I set out to learn all I could about Bariatric surgery. I noticed that there were no straightforward, reliable resources for Bariatric patients to cope with all the implications of Bariatric surgery, so I went to Bariatric conferences, met with top Bariatric physicians around the world, and binge read about the surgery. And I learned. I improved the way I took care of my body, relationships, hunger, and impulses. 

Plain and simple, I turned my life around. 

Imbued by the knowledge I had amassed, my confidence reached new heights. I felt empowered to travel the world, speak my mind, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Yet as I marched forward I couldn’t help but look back and see a wake of Bariatric patients that were in the same position I was. Ultimately, the only thing I could imagine dedicating my life was sharing this knowledge with other people like me. 

That’s how the idea of Bari Better was born, with its mission to provide Bariatric coaching and impart knowledge on how to live a better life. To take Bari Better as far as I wanted, I felt the need to formalize my knowledge, so I earned a certificate in Bariatric Coaching and pursuing my Master’s of Science in Nursing. 

That brings us back to that whole “making others feel better” thing I mentioned earlier. When I look back at the Bariatric clients I’ve coached, I see a nurse who improves people’s health. I see a daughter who inspires people to take control over their life and prevent premature death due to obesity. I see an obese child who changes the mentality of those like her so that they too can feel “normal” in their own bodies. And I see an entrepreneur who helps people become the best version of themselves and who has the vision of impacting millions of lives.

Our Mission

Bari Better, Inc.’s mission is to enable people to enjoy a healthier lifestyle by providing practical information and general wellness support.

Our Vision

We will radically shift the public understanding of being obese and empower people to easily deal with being obese, confidently become the best version of themselves and successfully live their lives.

Our Promise

We deliver multidisciplinary and optimistic support to our Bariatric clients.

Our Essence

At our core, Bari Better operates on Imagination, Individuality, Compassion, Inclusivity & Impact.



Amanda M.D. Reyna

CEO, Co-Founder
& Bariatric Coach of Bari Better, Inc.
Speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese

Celedonio Reyna

Celedonio Reyna

Co-Founder, CFO and Secretary of Bari Better, Inc.
Speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese

Board Advisors


Dr. Homero Rivas, M.D

 Worldwide Known Bariatric Surgeon
Speaks English and Spanish


Dr. Ricardo Lopez, M.D.

Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Specialist
Speaks English and Spanish

Dr. Rodrigo Israel Rivera Islas

Dr. Rodrigo Israel Rivera Islas, M.D.

Bariatric Surgeon
Speaks English and Spanish

Patricia Platinetti

Patricia Platinetti

Personal Stylist
Speaks English and Portuguese


Jose Diego Botezelli Ph.D.

PhD in Endocrinology and Metabolism
Speaks English and Portuguese

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