Live A Better Bariatric Life

Bari Better provides information and support so you thrive at Bariatric living

For Most, Being Bariatric is Really Hard

If your doctor has prescribed Bariatric surgery, Bari Better is here to give you information and support so you thrive at Bariatric living

Manage hunger and emotions
Keep long-term food and exercise habits
Identity and social adjustments

There’s a Better Way

With our information and support, you don’t need to feel physically disadvantaged, emotionally perplexed, or socially isolated anymore

Where in Your Bariatric Journey Are You?

Free Master Class:
Living Better In Practice

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Take care of your body before and after the surgery 
  • Identify and overcome common psychological changes 
  • Develop a network that understands and supports your Bariatric challenges 

Duration: 35 min.

Amanda Dario Reyna

Bari Better President, CEO & Coach

I’m Amanda M.D. Reyna, a Registered Nurse who had the Bariatric surgery. After a bumpy Bariatric journey, I decided to learn all about the surgery and help others thrive in similar situations. I furthered my studies and got certified as a Bariatric Coach and am pursuing a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

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